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Tsinghua art museum announces a diverse program in 2020

Updated: 2020-01-02 15:00:07

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Everlasting like the Heavens, an exhibition of artifacts from the Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang dynasties, was held at Tsinghua University Art Museum. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Another special show will look at the evolution of Indonesian art through the 20th century and till now. Indonesian art has gained wider recognition on the world art stage in recent years. Works of Indonesian artists are well received at fairs and auctions. Ruangrupa, an Indonesian art collective, will direct the 15 sessions of documenta in 2022, one of the world's important exhibitions for contemporary art which happens every five years in Kassel, Germany.

TAM presented 16 exhibitions in 2019 and several shows that draw an influx of visitors, such as Everlasting like the Heavens, which displayed artifacts from the Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang dynasties, and Everlasting Beauty of Dunhuang, which juxtaposed copies of Dunhuang mural paintings by Chang Shuhong and Chang Shana, the father and daughter who are dedicated to the preservation of Dunhuang art.

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