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Flavorful Origins trailer: Plantain

Updated: 2019-09-12 10:29:51

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Southwest China's Yunnan province is blessed with fertile soil and a favorable climate for abundant agricultural production. Plantain, a close kin of the banana, is one such crop.

The people of Yunnan use every part of the plant: Its waxy leaves are used to wrap ingredients for boiling or grilling, its meaty and juicy stems can be enjoyed in numerous ways, and its flowers are served as a cold dish with a dressing.

The vitality of plantains is equivalent to the creativity of Yunnan people when it comes to cooking: Full of vigor, versatility and energy.

The second season of Flavorful Origins, another masterpiece by Chinese food documentary director Chen Xiaoqing, the creator of A Bite of China, is now online at Tencent.com. 

The season, consisting of 10 episodes, will shine a spotlight on Southwest China's Yunnan province, a region blessed with abundant sunlight, fresh produce and exotic spices.

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