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Human destiny tied to nature

Updated: 2019-09-12 09:00:41

( China Daily )

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Crescent Iceberg, a painting by Norwegian artist Dag Hol displayed at the ongoing eighth edition of Beijing International Art Biennale.[Photo provided to China Daily]

The Beijing International Art Biennale puts a spotlight on the environment, Lin Qi reports.

The wildfires that are burning the Amazon rainforest in South America for weeks now have alarmed people in different parts of the world.

The incident also shows the impact of human activities on fragile ecosystems.

That environmental degradation is a global problem which needs to be addressed by all, regardless of ethnic, cultural or social differences, is an idea being expressed by many artists participating in the eighth edition of Beijing International Art Biennale.

The event being held at the National Art Museum of China through Sept 20 is exhibiting more than 600 artworks submitted from across the world to address this year's theme-a colorful world and a shared future-drawn from individual experiences of dealing with common concerns in society.

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