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Flavorful Origins trailer: Ham

Updated: 2019-09-10 10:00:45

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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The prpoduction of ham is closely related to the latitude, altitude and climate of where they are made. Ham is made in many parts of Yunnan province, but manufacturing techniques may be worlds apart.

Among the wide selection, Xuanwei ham enjoys the most popularity, but other favourable hams include the smoked Laowo ham, as well as Sanchuan ham, which is cured, buried in grass and ash, and fermented.

Hams were originally made as a means of storing meat for longer when refrigeration was not as prevalent as today. Now, they are not made solely for the purpose of storage, but as a carefully crafted gift of nature packed with all the flavors.

The process of making ham is time-consuming, but to foodies of Yunnan, it is certainly worth the wait.

The second season of Flavorful Origins, another masterpiece by Chinese food documentary director Chen Xiaoqing, the creator of A Bite of China, premiered Monday on Tencent.com.

The season, consisting of 10 episodes, will shine a spotlight on Southwest China's Yunnan province, a region blessed with abundant sunlight, fresh produce and exotic spices.

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