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Cultural connections

Updated: 2019-08-01 07:51:30

( China Daily )

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Three paintings from the Tang Dynasty (618-907), which depict Fuxi and Nyuwa-early ancestors of the Chinese in mythology, are on show at the exhibition Wan Li Tong Feng at the National Museum of China in Beijing.[Photo by Jiang Dong/China Daily]

An exhibition of relics from Xinjiang at the National Museum of China offers an insight into the Tang Dynasty's far-reaching influence over the western regions, Lin Qi reports.

The unpredictable success of The Longest Day in Chang'an, the hit online thriller series set in the heyday of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), has aroused a keen interest from viewers. The food, the attire and other details of the lifestyle that showcases the empire's glory are the source of much-relished discussion, thanks to the production's refined costumes, makeup and props.

But to truly understand the extensive power wielded by the dynasty, there's perhaps no better way than to take a look at the original documents and objects dating back to the era.

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