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Singing out loud: Chinese language reaches wider audience via songs

Updated: 2019-02-21 09:15:34

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Learning Chinese may be a hard journey for some, but people on social media have found a fun way to make it easier - singing.

The Uncommon Chinese, a song filled with rarely used Chinese words and idioms, went viral among Chinese learners worldwide, helping people to remember infrequent words in an entertaining way. Internet users from around the globe have shared videos of themselves singing the song on video apps such as Tik Tok.

US student Christine Welch's Chinese song A Million Possibilities was an instant hit last year, with thousands using her song as a soundtrack to their video posts on Tik Tok. Welch has been writing and singing in Mandarin for years. "I just feel that Chinese is a very poetic language," she said. Her recent performance on China Central Television sparked more buzz online. The new song she composed was based on the ancient Chinese philosopher Chuang-tzu's poem Equality of Things and Opinions and Tang Dynasty (618-907) poet Li Bai's Ancient Style.

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