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Poetry Moment: Mike Angelo reads for you

Updated: 2018-11-22 14:00:00

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Here is the weekly short video series by China Daily website, Poetry Moment.

The guest is Mike Angelo, a famous Thai singer and actor. He has attracted much attention for his role as a tender and romantic protagonist in Thai remake of South Korean TV show Full House. In recent years, he has also appeared in variety shows and sang in China, increasing his reach in China.

In today's episode, Mike reads The Sail, a poem by Russian poet Lermontov. On increasing his fan base in China, Mike admitted that language was the biggest barrier. So he is making efforts to learn Chinese. Even when staff members on set say he could read his lines in English or Thai, he insists on speaking his lines in Chinese.

Mike also expressed his love for his own Chinese fans "Angels" in the program. "Their support is my greatest motivation, and I am very touched," he said. He also said they were special to him. Do you want to know what Mike said to his fans and what's his future plans? Find out in this video.

Poetry Moment is broadcast at 2 pm every Thursday. Please stay tuned for the poetic discussion with us.

Tip: To watch the previous episodes, please click on the Special channel for Poetry Moment.

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