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Poetry Moment: Celina Jade reads for you

Updated: 2018-11-08 14:00:00

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Here is the weekly short video series by China Daily website, Poetry Moment.

The guest of this episode is actress Celina Jade, best-known for headlining China's highest-grossing film Wolf Warrior 2. In person, Jade seeks to be a modern independent woman who dislikes to be labeled with any tags.

Today, she will read the poem Make the Earth Your Companion, from the National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry by American poet J. Patrick Lewis. This poem mainly expounds the concept of "harmonious co-existence between man and nature".

Jade is a vegetarian and an environmentalist. She once opened a special vegetarian restaurant in Hong Kong, where all dishes were named after endangered animals, in order to enhance people's awareness about the protection of endangered animals. She also visited Chengdu every year to donate her restaurant's revenue to the Moon Bear rescue project.

Jade became vegetarian after suffering third-degree burns in an accident. After that she began focusing more on the impact of eating habits on her health. Her definition of a healthy lifestyle is: think optimistically and eat healthy.

In this year's National Day hit film Aunt Li Cha, her role as an "aunt" was praised as stunning, and it also triggered discussion about lack of values in the modern world. On the question of values, Lu said, "we should seek happiness of the moment. If we can feel happy today, we will lead a happy life tomorrow and the day after tomorrow."

Poetry Moment is broadcast at 2 pm every Thursday. Please stay tuned for the poetic discussion with us.

Tip: To watch the previous episodes, please click on the Special channel for Poetry Moment.

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