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Chinese Kung Fu show enchants audience at Istanbul university

Updated: 2018-10-10 10:59:47

( Xinhua )

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Shi Longlong (L, Front), a teacher of the Beijing-based Capital University of Physical Education and Sports, teaches a Turkish woman Kung Fu moves in Bogazici University of Istanbul, Turkey, on Oct 9, 2018. A charm of Chinese Kung Fu tour started on Tuesday evening at Bogazici University in Istanbul, enchanting the audience with a mixture of Chinese martial arts and dances.[Photo/Xinhua]

Some members of Turkey Wushu Kung Fu national team joined the performance.

As Chinese Wushu is drawing more and more learners from around the world, Shi Longlong, a Chinese Wushu champion, had a lively interaction with some Turks on the stage by teaching them ABCs of Wushu.

Yusuf Tuna, a Bogazici sophomore, has watched many Kung Fu films.

"What I saw here is something else. Their performances are amazing. The entire show is the best action movie I have ever seen," he said. "There was a spirit on the stage and they revealed that perfectly."

Ali Kazan, Tuna's friend, is also "very interested" in martial arts.

"I'm fascinated by the way they performed. I wish I could attend their classes in their country," he said.

The King Fu tour, sponsored by the Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing, will continue in other universities in Istanbul before moving to other cities of Turkey.

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