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Exhibition reorients traditional washi craft in the modern age

Updated: 2018-07-17 11:17:31

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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A recent exhibition, Washi and Life, explores the possibility of incorporating the traditional East Asian craft of washi, traditional Japanese paper, into the modern lifestyle.

The exhibition is comprised of five sections, themed after color, installation, life, video and raw material, respectively. Each delves into a use of washi.

Such an arrangement allows the exhibition to display the history and tradition of washi, including the raw materials of gampi, kozo, and mitsumata, alongside its modern utilization and multifunctional nature through design, home decor and art.

The installation area presents how the delicate paper can be used to make large-scale installation artworks. Made entirely of washi, the installation features layers of geometric clouds hanging in the air, with cartoon Akita dogs posing as characters from classical paintings sitting on top.

At the opening ceremony, Kozo Igarashi, a Japanese master of washi-making, was invited to perform Suminagashi paper marbling on the spot. With brushes, dye and a tub of water, Igarashi first created patterns on the surface of the water, then transferred the pattern onto a piece of washi paper.

The exhibition is hosted by ZENA, an online lifestyle platform, which is committed to disseminate Eastern aesthetics through art exhibitions, online courses and publishing.

Apart from the ongoing exhibition, ZENA plans to launch a series of exhibitions this year, ranging from lacquerware and metalworking to the works of emerging designers from China, Japan and South Korea.

If you go:

10:00-20:00, July 12-22 (10:00-21:00 on Saturdays and Sundays)

Sanyang Hao, W10, Beijing Fang, Qianmen, Beijing

Free Entry

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