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Cultural Discovery Tour - Hunan province

Updated: 2016-12-16 18:52:56

( Chinaculture.org )

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A group of diplomats from 15 countries and international organizations travelled from Beijing to Hunan province to explore its history and culture during the fourth Cultural Discovery Tour from December 5-8.

Initiated by Chinese Ministry of Culture, the event has seen diplomats visiting Jiangxi's Jingde town in May and Fujian's Quanzhou city in Nov in 2014, and Inner Mongolia in 2015. 

Cultural tour for diplomats highlights Hunan

The Chinese Ministry of Culture and the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture hosted the 4th Cultural Discovery Tour for Diplomats in China from December 5 to 8. The tour was focused on Hunan province in a bid to expand understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture.

Delving into the details of Hunan province

I've heard of Zhangjiajie, which has been on my must-see short list for quite some time, but after digging a little deeper, I quickly realized that the scenic mountains shouldn't overshadow this rapidly growing province.

Zhangjiajie: The pinnacle of beauty and awe

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park became the first national forest park of China in 1982 and listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage in 1992. It may be cliche to say that pictures don't do Zhangjiajie justice, but in this case it's 100 percent justified.

Diplomats discover natural wonders, cultural heritage of Hunan

The aim of the tour is to expose foreign diplomats to the cultural charms of Hunan province, which is rich in both natural wonders as well as cultural heritage.

It helps us a lot to get to know the country as well as
its people and culture. Because sitting back in the
headquarters in the capital it doesn’t give you
a good sense of the country as  well as its people
and its culture.

This morning we had been to a very beautiful
place. Its exquisite natural beauty cannot be
described fully and properly if one does not
see it. We have to see it to really
appreciate  it’s beauty this has
been described as a natural

Today in this theatre first of all I feel very interested.
Because it's the first time when I can see not only
how they perform but how they train and prepare
these kind of puppets and shadow figures. It's the
first time for me. I think it's not only interesting
and exciting for children but also
for adult people.

The sense of humor is quite ironic and
I think for adult people you can really
observe it and even feel really
excited watching this kind of play.

It's very useful to meet people from
local authorities, from cultural
institutions also foreign ministries of
the provinces.

It's very useful to see different places of China.
It's very useful to talk to foreign people coming
from abroad like us.



I have to congratulate Hunan for
their big efforts to preserve this
incredible piece of cultural heritage.

I would love if we could enjoy this in Western
countries more than we have done until now.




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