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Traditional village protection stirs debate

Updated: 2015-03-10 09:54:59

( Chinaculture.org )

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Traditional villages, which carry both Chinese traditional culture and deep nostalgia, are disappearing in China at a marked rate in recent years. The fast economic growth of the country has brought both vitality and risk to its traditional culture, especially in the historical villages. Voices for the protection of these ancient villages grow louder over the years and relevant issues have been raised again at the ongoing annual two sessions. Let's hear what some of the experts and officials had to say on the issue.

Kong Fanshi,former head of Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, said the key is to find the balance between development and cultural advancement.

Kong Fanshi,former head of Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage[Photo/Qianlong.com]

"We need to find the balance between villages'development and improvement and the traditional culture, its protection and advancement. I suggest that we can set up an 'alarm and quit'system to prevent the villages from being over-developed."He pointed out that the protection of traditional villages is highly valued by the state and different levels of cultural spots, whether national, municipal or district-level, have received funds for cultural protection."If the villages were reconstructed dramatically, this causes 'alarm', and the cultural value is demolished, which removes them from the funding list (therefore making them 'quit'). Therefore the 'alarm and quit' system creates pressure and stimulates (the protection)."

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