Schools in Cambodia reopen

WACCCE 2020-09-07

Some public and private schools in Cambodia reopened on Sept 7. Teachers and students went back to campus after six months since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Twenty-one of 25 provinces and municipalities in Cambodia resumed class for students in grade 9 and 12 of middle schools on the morning of September 7. Schools in four provinces with low risk of COVID-19, including Kaya, Shangding, Ladanakiri and Mondokiri, restarted classes from kindergarten to grade 12.

According to local media, Bardu school, a public school in Phnom Penh, set up disinfection material at the entrance. The students in uniforms were asked to test temperature and then allowed to pass the door. Fifteen to 20 students were allowed in one classroom, with all of them maintaining one row distance.

On March 17, all schools in Cambodia were closed to control the spread of disease. At the beginning of August, 20 private schools met the requirements for pandemic prevention and were allowed to resume class.

By the morning of Sept 7, Cambodia had a total of 274 confirmed cases and 272cured cases. Two patients were treated in hospital. Since August 31, Cambodia has reported no confirmed cases for 7 days.

With the epidemic situation easing, social activities have gradually returned to normal. Apart from resumption of class, the government has approved for religious gatherings and reopening of cinemas.


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