Happy Kids 2020 launches in Guangxi

WACCCE 2020-08-25

Nanning Radio and Television Station and Nanning Mass Art Center launched the first Happy Kids 2020 with 23 media outlets from 13 regions and countries, including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions and Macau Special Administrative Regions on Aug 11.

“Happy Kids” is a program for external exchanges that aims to record the growth of children with different cultural backgrounds. The program was first revealed during the countdown party “Rhyme of Spring” in 2019. Children from China, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and New Zealand greatly impressed the audience with their chorus.

Children from Guangxi, China and ASEAN countries will have the opportunity to join Happy Kids 2020 and be members of the first China-ASEAN youth choir. The repertoires will be adapted from texts of primary and secondary schools from their countries. The choir will also conduct cultural exchanges among countries through study tours and art performances. The whole program will be recorded in a documentary manner, aiming to fully reflect the human connection between China and ASEAN countries.

“Happy Kids” also has a special plan to use “six hundreds” to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the Communist Party of China: 100 children in choir, 100 families, 100 poems, 100 paintings, 100 poverty alleviation stories, and 100 creative vlogs.


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