Jakarta Fashion Week

Provided by the Embassy of Indonesia in Beijing 2020-04-17

I. Background

Jakarta Fashion Week or JFW is a fashion event held annually in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since its first edition in 2008, JFW was being held at the Pacific Place shopping mall, but later the main event is shifted to Senayan City. JFW organized as a collaboration between the Municipal Government of Jakarta, major stakeholders of the fashion industry and Feminagroup.

The event aims to provide directions to the Indonesian fashion industry as well as a vehicle to demonstrate its wealth in talents and creativity. and ultimately transform Jakarta as a major fashion hub in the region and the world. As the world's most populous Muslim majority country, Indonesia has high demand for clothing that adheres to religious rules emphasizing modesty for women. One of the main goals of JFW to transform the country's fashion industry as the global leader in Muslim fashion that is worth nearly $ 100 billion.

With a long-established reputation and influence, Jakarta Fashion Week has the potential to bring the Indonesian fashion industry to enter the world fashion market. The impact and reach of Jakarta Fashion Week have been recognized by professionals in the fashion industry, such as journalists, buyers, photographers, stylists, and even international models that have made this annual event even more popular. With the support of various stakeholders, who may have different interests, the work produced has the same goal, advancing the fashion industry, especially the national industry. Also a lot of foreign partner involvement, but not to intimidate, but to inspire each other.


II. Organization

Organizer: JFK (Jakarta Fashion Week)


III. Time & Place

20 – 26 October 2019

Senayan City, Jakarta


IV. Participants

Age: All ages

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