Between what 'You' and 'I' Thinking About Indonesia

Provided by the Embassy of Indonesia in Beijing 2020-04-17

Many people know Indonesia only by a few things: it has the 4th largest population in the world, it has the largest Muslim population, Jakarta is the capital, there was a huge explosion in Krakatoa some decades ago, Bali, that's all you know about Indonesia?

I think, Indonesia has a paradise world that you never imagined before, it’s 5S (Sun, Sea, Sand, Smile, and Service). And let me introduce that 5S of Indonesia.

1. Sun

The sun in Indonesia is the “best friend” of all time for humans being, he always accompanies people to activity all day long. The light is not too hot, not too dim but warm enough for us to feel the real “world paradise”. And the sun in Indonesia rises around 6 am and sets at 6 pm, it is the perfect time for us to spend time outside, right?

2. Sea

Most people are afraid to go to Indonesia since the tsunami tragedy in Aceh in 2004 ago. And they cursed the sea of Indonesia, but do you know if Indonesia has a very beautiful sea like in heaven? Indonesia is a vast archipelagic country and has a wealth of natural resources. With an ocean area of nearly 70% of the total area of the country of Indonesia, amounting 25% percent of the world's marine fish coral reefs in Raja Ampat, natural paradise of Papua the eastern part of Indonesia. Raja Ampat is the first area in Indonesia to compromise the protection of sharks and parimanta. In Raja Ampat, you dive in surprise! Raja Ampat is one of the best diving spots in Indonesia. Parimanta will accompany you during diving in Raja Ampat. You will find a world paradise here. The deeper you dive, the more beautiful the scenery is in the water. Raja Ampat provides a variety of diving spots that provide a beautiful marine park. You will never regret visiting Raja Ampat. In addition to diving, you can snorkel in the dazzling shallow waters, challenging nature trekking, feeding the fish, and viewing the Bird of Paradise. And do you still worry to go to Indonesia?

3. Sand

Indonesia is a country located on the equator so tropical climate with high rainfall. It turns out that Indonesia has a desert! And it called Gumuk Pasir. Gumuk Pasir is a natural phenomenon that is formed due to wind movement. Wind brings sand and volcanic material of Mount Merapi. This sand flies in the direction of the sea then blends with water and becomes fine sand. the process of thousands of years makes fine sand formed into sand dunes. What a beautiful creation!

4. Smile

Don’t underestimate the smiles of Indonesian people, sometimes they can make you melt like a chocolate. The smiles of Indonesian people is like a sweet sugar that can make your day in Indonesia more enjoyable. Wherever you are you will always meet the smile of Indonesian people who welcome you. And Indonesia is the most smiling country in the planet.

5. Service

Indonesia has a friendly service, when you need a help you will be greeted with warm and friendly service. They will say "terima kasih" which means thank you after helping and serving you with their best smile as well.

And do you still thinking that Indonesia is not worth to visit? Let’s think again! :)

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