Sino-Vietnamese relationship deepened with youth exchange

WACCCE 2018-06-08

Seventy young delegates from Guangxi visited Vietnam as part of Friendly Red Scarf exchange activities between Lang Son and Guangxi from May 14 to 15. 

At the invitation of the Cambodian Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth League's Lang Son Provincial Committee, the two-day exchange program promoted understanding and sentiment among the young people of China and Vietnam through various activities.

They exchanged red scarves and Young Pioneer team emblems, flew colorful balloons to pray for peace, and visited the Ho Chi Minh Memorial Hall, Sanqing Cave and Young Children's Palace in Langsan city.  

The exchange between young people in Vietnam and Guangxi has been successfully held three times, forming a mechanism for cooperation and positive exchanges and deepening the mutual understanding between young people of the two countries.

Ruan Junnan, secretary of the provincial party committee of the Cambodian Communist Youth League of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh, believes it is of great significance to carry out the activity for juveniles between China and Vietnam.

Yang Zhiling, head of the Guangxi youth delegation, expressed her hope young people on both sides can increase exchanges in cultural science and technology, drug control and AIDS prevention, and continue to consolidate the Sino-Vietnamese border youth friendly exchange brand.

She will report results of the exchange negotiations to the Youth League Committee and implement the results of the negotiations as soon as possible into specific cooperation projects.

She warmly welcomed Vietnamese young people to visit Chinese families for continued building of relations.


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