Children's fine art on display in Nanning

WACCCE 2017-11-06

On Nov 4, the opening ceremony of the 2017 China-ASEAN (Qingxiu) Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts was held at the Line 1 East Railway station of the Nanning Metro, Qingxiu district, Nanning city, South China's Guangxi province. The exhibition, a part of the activities organized by the 2017 Qingxiu International Creative Cultural Tourism Festival as well as a platform for children's art exchanges, was an opportunity to find children talented at painting. The local government aimed to promote the development of children's fine art in the Qingxiu district through this event.

The exhibition, centered around the themes "My Home: Beautiful Guangxi" as well as "Caring about the Earth and Protecting the Environment", has attracted more than 6,000 painting contributions from elementary schools, kindergartens and fine art training schools in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and other ASEAN countries since Aug 31. Judged on creativity, painting techniques and themes, 785 paintings were selected and among them, some outstanding works were put on display at a hall in the Line 1 East Railway station of the Nanning Metro from Nov 4 to 30.

At the opening ceremony, the Junior Painter title was awarded to 11 outstanding contestants. In addition, all the exhibited paintings will go on sale at a public interest auction and all revenues will be used for improving education in the mountainous areas.

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