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Fanciful Latticework on Doors and Windows

2014-11-28 16:56:28

It is a grand feast for the eyes when lingering on the lines of China's antique doors and windows...

An Architectural Legend: Yangshi Lei

2014-11-28 16:56:28

With many of their works on the UNESCO's World Heritage List, Yangshi Lei is unique in the architectural history.

Screen Walls: More Than Meets the Eye

2014-11-28 16:56:28

The screen wall is a kind of isolated wall, located either outside or just inside the gate of a traditional Chinese home used to shield the inner quarters.

Tian'anmen Square and Its Surroundings

2014-11-28 16:56:28

With a total area of 440,000 square meters, the Tian'anmen Square, located in the center of Beijing, is the largest of its kind. Over a hundred years, many ceremonies and demonstrations have been held here.

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