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Chinese 3D animation "Kunta" gets Tibetan-language release

2014-11-04 09:09:26



Poster of Kunta. [Photo:]


Chinese 3D animation movie "Kunta" has been released in Tibetan.

This is the first time an animation feature in China has been translated into an ethnic minority language.

The Tibetan version of "Kunta" will be screened for free in ethnic regions, according to Chai Jinming, head of the ethnic language dubbing center in northwest China's Gansu Province.

Chai adds that, although there were difficulties with dubbing the animation in an ethnic minority language, the successful completion of releasing the Tibetan version of this movie is a "good example" that it can be done well.

"Kunta" tells an adventure story about two kids on a quest to stop a drought on their peanut-sized home planet.

The original film was released in August last year.

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