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Shanghai Int’l Arts Festival to open in October

2014-09-09 16:00:59

( By Song Han


The 16th China Shanghai International Arts Festival will be held from Oct. 10 to Nov. 16, with Shaanxi Province specially invited as the guest province, the festival’s committee announced. The theme, “The New Silk Road” is specially designed for the Culture Week section.

According to Teng Junjie, the deputy secretary general of the Shanghai International Arts Festival committee and art director of the Shanghai Culture, Radio, Television Administration, there will be a series of fascinating activities presented in “The New Silk Road” Culture Week section. These will include a special concert of the World Intangible Culture Heritage “Xi’an Drum Music”, which is known as the “living fossil” of Chinese ancient music, and an exhibition of “Zhouye Luming—bronze ware of the Western Zhou Dynasty” (About 1100-771BC). The bronze wear is representative of the nobility class in Shigu (Stone Drum) Mountain of Baoji city, whose exhibits have been lately excavated but never exhibited.

There will be 45 plays performed during the arts festival, including 25 overseas plays and 20 domestic plays, among which newly-innovated premieres will account for over 1/3 of those staged.

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