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Ugandan official hails cultural ties with China

2014-07-18 14:52:13



A Ugandan official on Thursday said that cultural exchanges and cooperation with China has deepened the people to people relations of the two countries.

Rose Namayanja, minister of information and national guidance told reporters here that over the years there have been increased cultural exchanges as Ugandan artists go to China and vice versa.

Namayanja was speaking during the launch of six Chinese television dramas by Chinese pay television Star Times.

"Cultural exchange and exchange through film and television makes it a people to people relationship. Our people get to understand those of China and the Chinese people also get to understand those of Uganda," she said.

"Our mission is to promote the culture and exchange, give more chance to local media and local audience to learn more about China. We also welcome more cultural groups and media people to go to China to interact with the Chinese people," said Zhao Yali, the Chinese ambassador to Uganda.

He hoped that through the television dramas Ugandans would learn about China, the culture, the way of thinking and the tradition of the ordinary Chinese people.

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