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Nishan Forum: Dialog on ethics at the birthplace of Confucius

2014-05-27 11:02:02

(China Daily) By Zhao Ruixue and Wang Qian


What they say

Chinese culture will play a significant role in the great undertaking of forging new common ethics for mankind thanks to the fact that the outstanding features of Chinese culture make up for the deficiency of modernity and rectify the aberrations from modernization. These features include Chinese people's cosmic views on the harmony of man with nature, social views of harmony in diversity, and values of taking ren (benevolence) as one's own duty and self-cultivation. The Nishan Forum and intellectuals across China are very willing to contribute to the cause."

Xu Jialu, chairman of Nishan Forum, vice-chairman of the standing committee of the ninth and 10th National People's Congress


We all know that there are more than 200 countries and 2,000 ethnic groups in the world that use over 6,000 kinds of languages. So it is necessary to promote communication and dialog among civilizations amid the world's rapid globalization. To have a successful dialog, a sincere and frank manner is important to declaring one's point of view and listen to another's voice. It is good to know something we didn't know before. We make great gains if we can reach consensus."

Zhao Qizheng, former chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, former minister of the State Council Information Office


Even though ethics systems change with time, and particularly under the influence of globalization and new technologies, basic ethical values - the culture of peace and tolerance, mutual understanding and dialog, harmonious and inclusive co-existence, preservation and transmission of cultures and values, and sustainable and responsible environmental protection - remain the same through all civilizations."

Hans d'Orville, assistant director-general for Strategic Planning at UNESCO


The Nishan Forum and the World Community Forum are part of the UN Alliance of Civilizations. We are not primarily politicians or government officials. Rather we are intellectuals, educators, religious leaders, writers, and humanists from different countries and backgrounds. We are all brought together by our common allegiance to the Golden Rule - to make it not only a formula on paper, but allow it to have an impact on the affairs of our world, guiding these affairs from the perilous cliffs of conflict and destruction to the safe harbor of justice and peace."

Fred Dallmayr, chairman of the World Public Forum

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