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U.S., Syrian poets win int'l prize in China

2013-08-14 13:39:46



U.S. poet Simon Ortiz and Syrian poet Adonis won the third International Golden Tibetan Antelope Poetry Prize at the fourth Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival, which concluded on August 11 in the city of Xining, capital of northwest China's Qinghai province.

Jidi Majia, chairman of the festival, said Adonis is not only a master of contemporary Arabic, but also a giant of contemporary Arabian culture.

"Mr. Ortiz, an honest, compassionate and bold poet, is a dauntless defender of the dignity and multiplicity of human culture, taking poetry as the home of his soul and the last fortress of the culture of his people," Majia said when presenting Ortiz's award.

The Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival was launched in 2007 and is held once every two years. It is one of the most influential international poetry festivals in the world.

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