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Zhou Lin-- A Calligrapher, Musician and Poet

Yulong Snow Mountains are piercing high into the azure sky, Tiger Leaping Gorge is echoed by thundering river water. Such is a quotation of of Zhou’s verse. Zhou Lin was a well-known scholar cultivated in Yunnan’s northwest plateau.

Zhou Lin (1902-1977), styled Weicang, Naxi nationality, is a well-known calligrapher, musician and poet in China. He used to be a member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, vice chairman of Yunnan Artists Association and vice governor of Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County. Zhou was regarded as “a leading artist of modern times in Yunnan”.

Although known as a painter, Mr. Zhou attained extensive literary achievements. The poems and articles he produced were above his paintings characterized by simplicity and elegance as well as tranquility. His masterpiece is Miscellaneous Arias which was well recognized by poetic circles. Meanwhile, his paintings were also cherished by collectors featuring poetic flavor, lucidity and lasting appeal.

In 1963, Mr. Zhou held his exhibition of his works in Beijing sponsored by National Art Museum of China, demonstrating a new page in the history of Chinese fine arts. The exhibition drew a wide attention as it was the first of this kind to be held at National Art Museum of China after the museum was open to the public. What is more, the exhibits were from a painter of minority in Yunnan. Marshal Chen Yi, known as a firm supporter to the art circles, and Comrade Huang Zhen offered their guidance to the exhibition. Chen, at the exhibition, spoke highly of Zhou. He said Zhou is “a rare painter of Chinese minority nationalities.” Guo Moruo, a prominent Chinese writer, improvised a poem for Zhou at the exhibition. The poem reads, “I hear the sound of the stone drum, drawings depicting dragon pond are so animated, mountain spring runs from its fountain, it is so lucky that we could appreciate such rare drawings.” He showed his respect to Zhou who was accomplished in poetry, handwriting and painting. Feng Jianwu, a painter and elder brother of Shi Lu who was extremely a famous painter, also praising Zhou’s works by saying “Zhou’s works are dynamic and vibrant which could be in comparison with Zheng Qian’s works”.

Source: ljgc.gov.cn

Editor: Feng Hui


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