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What would the world be like if paper weren't invented? (video)

2013-08-12 14:00:01




What would the world be like if paper weren’t invented?

Fortunately, we don’t have to struggle for the answer. In 105 AD, Cai Lun invented paper-making technology and produced the world’s first batch of paper using plant fibers.

The paper-making workshop in Baishuihe village, located in Guizhou province, is a living museum. Instead of manikins, here you will see real people making real paper, just like Cai Lun did centuries ago.

Paper made the flow of information much more convenient. Because of the invention of paper, people no longer have to write on parchment or bamboo slips. Records show the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) read about 30 kilograms of bamboo slips every day. Imagine how difficult it was to carry and read them. Thanks to Cai Lun for making things a lot easier.

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