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Lu Ban

Lu Ban (Chinese: 鲁班) (507–440 BC) was a Chinese carpenter, engineer, philosopher, inventor, military thinker, statesman and contemporary of Mozi. He was born in the State of Lu and is the patron saint of Chinese builders and contractors. He was born in a renowned family during the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC – 426 BC) when China was suffering from the chaos of civic wars between kingdoms. His original name was Gongshu Yizhi (Chinese: 公输依智). He was also known as Gongshu Ban (公输班), but he was more commonly known as Lu Ban.

According to tradition, he was responsible for several inventions as seen on Mozi chapter 49 and 50:

--Cloud ladder – a mobile counterweighted siege ladder.

--Grappling hooks and ram – boat implements used during on a naval warfare.

--Wooden bird – a non-powered flying wooden bird which could stay in the air for three days, and had been suggested to be a proto-kite.

There were also other inventions contributed to him, such as a lifting implement for burial, a wooden horse carriage and coachman, and some other woodworking which can be seen from various texts. These inventions led Lu Ban to be acknowledged as a master craftsman.

Source: Wiki.com


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