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Suzhou Fans

Suzhou fans have a long history and are famous at home and abroad. The exquisite sandalwood fan, folding fan, silk palace fan, paper fan are all characteristic of arts. The production of sandalwood fan include zigzag shaped steel thread on the two ends of a bamboo bow and the engraving of flowers with it. “Ironing Flowers” refers to the drawing of flowers and characters on the spread sandalwood fan with an electric pen. The drawing is vivid, with clear gradations, has the effect of drawing on paper. “Drawing Flowers” refers to the drawing of women, flowers and birds, mountains and waters on the silk on the upper half of the fan. The picture is colorful and the drawing is fine and delicate.

The folding fans of Suzhou are characteristic of being fine and elegant. The frame are mainly made of bamboo carved or painted, and pieces of white bones with elegant flowers. The drawn pictures include flowers and birds, poems and patterns clear and pleasant. Laofan brand of the folding fan is the best. Pictures are fine and beautiful. They are flat, strong and smooth. What's more, they last long.

The silk palace fan is the most famous one among the fans. It spread far and wide since Han dynasty. There are round, hexagon, rectangle ones. Its face is made of silk. Some are made of thin silk or cloth. There are also single level or double level ones. Pictures are drawn on it, matched by teeth, bones, bamboo handles. The ancient style and elegance are obvious. It looks fine and pleasant.

Source: suzhou.gov.cn

Editor: Feng Hui

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