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Expo Anhui Week preparation into sprint period

From May 9 to 10, Hua Jianhui, vice governor of Anhui province made a surprise inspection to the preparatory work being carried out at Anhui Week of Shanghai Expo and clarified requirements on how best to prepare for its starting ceremony and art performances.

Anhui Pavilion

Hua Jianhui pointed out that Anhui Week was an important event in the World Expo and is vital in both showcasing Anhui and making the province known to the world. According to a provincial party committee and government, time pressures--with only 40 days left till Anhui Week-- further added to the efforts needed to enrich the activity content and also to further innovate organization forms. At the same time, the objective is to present a featured, wonderful and successful Anhui Week while unfolding a harmonious, progressive, innovative and rising Anhui. Moreover, in order to guarantee a smooth, well-organized and attractive event, further work plans have to be optimized, with more detailed work measures carried out and duties implemented.

Activities for Anhui Week will be held during June 23 to 27 at the World Expo Park, and there will be plenty of performances like parade in Expo Park, a display of intangible cultural heritage at Baosteel Arena as well as shows in its celebration square.

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Expo Anhui Week preparation into sprint period


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