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Largest Zhuang embroidery shines in Shanghai(2010-08-04)

Hand-woven brocade at the Shanghai Expo sheds light on the beauty of a centuries-old craft that crystallizes the dreams and hard work of the ethnic Zhuang in Guangxi, China's largest ethnic group, reports Raymond Zhou

Expo Anhui Week preparation into sprint period(2010-05-21)

Activities for Anhui Week will be held during June 23 to 27 at the World Expo Park, and there will be plenty of performances like parade in Expo Park, a display of intangible cultural heritage at Baosteel Arena as well as shows in its celebration square.

Qinghai impresses Expo visitors(2010-09-19)

Folk songs and dances with strong ethnic flavor marked the start of the Qinghai Culture Week at the Baosteel Stage on Sep 16.

Tibetan heritage on display(2010-09-03)

With the theme "Heaven in Tibet," the exhibition of Tibet's cultural heritage is undoubtedly the highlight of the Tibet Week.

'Tibet Week' to kick off at Expo on Wednesday(2010-08-31)

"Tibet Week" will be held at the Shanghai World Expo from Wednesday until Sunday to celebrate Tibetan culture.

Explore Yunnan(2010-08-27)

The Yunnan Pavilion's highlight is two sets of dinosaur fossils. The fossils will also be exhibited at the Shanghai Science and

Shaanxi Culture Week begins(2010-09-07)

Shaanxi unfolded its week-long culture show at the World Expo yesterday. The Baosteel Stage, the main venue, has been decorated like a palace of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), a prosperous era in ancient China when Xi'an, the provincial capital, was the heart of China.

Pavilion directors visit a model town in Tianjin(2010-09-15)

They also shared their views on turning cities into innovation centers, protecting cultural heritages, and promoting environmental protection.

Taicang Week kicks off in Suzhou Pavilion(2010-09-13)

A week promoting Suzhou's Taicang City kicked off on Sep 11 in Suzhou Pavilion in Urban Best Practices Area.

Tibet promotes tourism at Expo(2010-09-19)

The Tibet Pavilion is distributing free tourist guidebooks about Lhasa to Expo visitors as part of its ongoing tourism promotion.

Xinjiang Week kicks off in Expo(2010-09-27)

Xinjiang Week started yesterday in Baosteel Grand Stage in Expo Site with ethnic performances.

Shanghai most well known Chinese city(2010-08-31)

The survey, co-conducted by Gallup Consulting, a global consultancy, was launched in April via an online questionnaire circulated among foreigners living in the Chinese mainland and abroad.


Largest Zhuang embroidery shines in Shanghai


Expo Anhui Week preparation into sprint period


Qinghai impresses Expo visitors

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