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The Water Township of Zhou Zhuang

Embraced by Cheng Lake,Dian Lake, Yuan Dang Lake,Chang Bai Lake,Bai Xian Lake and the South Lake , the township lies in the southeast corner of Kun Shan city. Surrounded by water, Zhou Zhuang itself also abounds in interlaced rivers and lakes. The whole traffic was once mainly by means of boats. With a history of more than 900 years, Zhou Zhuang has been known as “township and the island”, characterized by the picturesque water county scenery--- a perfect combination of exquisite bridges, limpid reverlets and quaint houses.

There are nearly a hundred well-preserved old mansions and over 60 gateways made of carved bricks. The mansions were named after owners ' surnames ,such as Zhang, Shen, Zhou. The great mansion Shen-ting was built by the descendant of Shen Wan-shan, the most wealthy person in the area in south of the Lower Yantze under the Ming dynasty. It is typical of the housing styles in south of the Yantze River .

Just as Huangshan Mountains boast all the beauties of the mountains in China , the township of Zhouzhuang possessses all the charms of water counties.

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