Pay attention to the cold spring  

The warm winter has a huge influence on people’s health. Experts remind people to pay attention to the cold spring after the warm winter. The meteorologist pointed out that the warm weather in winter made the water on the floor be vaporized very quickly, which made the climate extremely dry. This can cause the symptoms of parched mouths scorched tongues, sore throat, nosebleeds, dry eye syndrome, dry skin and so on. The dry climate can also weaken the defense function of people’s upper respiratory tracts, which can induce a variety of respiratory diseases, such as flu, pneumonia and asthma.

Therefore, experts remind people that to prevent diseases in the cold spring, people with poor health and weak immune systems should not take off their thick coats too early. They need enough time to adapt to the new climate. Eating more food, which can strengthen the spleen and stomach, is also helpful. Indoor activity spaces must be ventilated, which can reduce and control the existence and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria! People need to do more outdoor activities and breathe fresh air to improve their famous cardio-pulmonary functions and make their bodies adapt to the changing weather in spring.


Translated by Lv Jing

Editor: Wen Yi


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Pay attention to the cold spring

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