Collecting rainwater to relieve water resources crisis  

Recently, Chongqing promoted a “Rain Water utilization project.” The goal of this activity was to collect a large amount of rainwater during the Rain Water period. Then the collected rainwater can be used in people’s lives, which can relieve the crisis of water resources. To put it in practice, every residential district is required to build a certain amount of underground rainwater storage vault or the rainwater utilization systems to collect rainwater. Then, after been treated by a special process, the rainwater can be used for irrigation, vehicle cleaning and other purposes in the residential area.

The reason for holding this activity is the consideration that on the one hand, water is kind of an important resource, while on the other hand, a large amount of rainwater during the Rain Water period will be wasted if it is not collected. What’s more, the environment is dry and the city is lacking in water, but the rainwater stored up on the road can affect people’s daily lives. In addition, the groundwater of the city has been excessively exploited. That can cause the land subsidence. However, more and more road surfaces are hardened day by day, so the rainwater is hard to infiltrate. Therefore, the relevant departments of Chongqing have recommended a project to collect rainwater.


Translated by Lv Jing

Editor: Wen Yi

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