Cuisine Fit for Rain Water  

The Rain Water period is a good time for people to take good care of their health. The cuisines best for Rain Water are nutritious porridge, soup and drinks. The following are some dishes that are nutritious and easy to cook.

1. Fairy porridge Ingredients: 30-60g radix polygoni multiflori preparata, 100g rice, 3-5 red dates and brown sugar Directions: First, the radix polygoni multiflori preparata should be fried and concentrated into juice. Then put it together with rice and the red dates together into the pot to cook. At last, we have added some brown sugar or sugar candy! Then cook. When the porridge is boiled, the porridge is ready to eat. Nutritional effects: This kind of porridge can be good for livers and kidneys. It is good for the people with the liver-kidney deficiency, the dizzy and the drumming in the ears caused by blood—insufficiency, relative weakness, loins and knees, constipation, heart disease of hyperlipemia, coronary atherosclerosis, panasthenia and high blood pressure and so on and so on.

2. Tremella fuciformis berk porridge Ingredients: 3g tremella fuciformis berk, 50-100g rice and sugar candy or white sugar. Directions: First, wash and pick out the tremella fuciformis berk, and put into the pot with the washed rice together. After ten or fifteen minutes, add some sugar candy or white sugar. This porridge can be eaten one time per day. Nutritional effects: This porridge will nourish the bejeezus out of your yin and supplement your kidney. It is good for the people who get all sweaty in their sleep. Also, spermatorrhea and lumbago. It is also good for women on their period.


Translated by Lv Jing

Editor: Wen Yi


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