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Basic Info about Hangzhou

Hangzhou is located along Southeast coast of China. It is the capital of Zhejiang Province, the center of politics, economy, science, education, and culture of the province.

History of Hangzhou

Hangzhou city was established 2,000 years ago during the Spring and Autumn Periods (770BC-476BC) on a site bordering Wu and Yue States.

Historic and Scenic Spots
Thousand Islets Lake

With 81% of the area covered in forests, Thousand Islets Lake (Qian Dao Lake) is a pure lake with clean, fresh air.

· Hupao Spring (Tiger Running Spring)
· Fei Lai Feng (Peak Flown From Afar
· Six Harmonies Pagoda
· Mt. Putuoshan Scenic Spot
· Ling Yin Temple (Temple of Soul's Retreat)
· New Ten Views of West Lake
· Old Ten Views of West Lake
· West Lake
Life in Hangzhou
World Expo Recommended Sightseeing Packages

Hangzhou, a historic Chinese city, in Zhejiang province, hopes to attract visitors during the busy Shanghai Expo.

· People’s Living
· The China Tea Party
· Which is the best way to get arround Hangzhou?
· A magical night at the theatre
· A balancing act between past and future
· Queuing up for a harmonious Hangzhou
· Sweet times in heartland of green tea
· Search for Green Gold
· Slow down and relax in Hangzhou
Special Products and Foods
Dongpo Pork

Dongpo Pork is named after revered Song Dynasty poet, artist and calligrapher Su Dongpo.

· Deep-fried Bean Curd Rolls Stuffed with Minced Tenderloin
· Beggar’s Chicken
· Longjing prawns
· West Lake Sweet and Sour Fish
Su Dongpo

In the later period of Song Dynasty, the celebrated poet, calligrapher, painter, Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian Su Dongpo was the governor of Hangzhou for two times.

· Qian Xuesen:Chinese Father of Missile
· Yu Dafu - Modern Chinese Short Story Writer and Poet
· Gong Zizhen
· Yu Qian
· Shen Kuo
· Bai Juyi
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Tea   West Lake   

Temple      Su Dongpo 


Fans   Embroidery

Garden     Fuzimiao

Zhonghua Gate

Nanjing Salted Duck

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