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Old Ten Views of West Lake

Malting Snow at Broken Bridge

The snow scene of the west lake is enjoyed very high praise by people, especially the view of “malting snow at broken bridge”. Why it is called as “malting snow on the broken bridge”, there are different sayings. One of them is that it snows almost every winter in Hangzhou and when the sun comes out after snowfall, the snow on the sunny side of the bridge melts first, while the snow on the shady side still lingers. Looked at a distance or from a nearby hill, the bridge appears to be broken. It is a favorite stopover for you. Especially on fine winter days after a snow, you may stand on the bridge to feast your eyes on the snow scene far and near. Distant hills, clad in white, grow more enchanting. The famous Chinese folk story “The Tale of White Snake” brings the broken bridge some romance.

Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor

Started in Southern Song, this beauty spot located at the food of Huajia Hill on the west bank of the West Lake initially. It used to be a private garden � villa which was belong to a palace eunuch named Lu Yunsheng. It was listed as one of the “Ten Views of West Lake” because of its beautiful scene. In the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kangxi rebuilt the garden, which lies between Western Hill and Su Causeway. The major expansion projects after 1952 has turned the former garden into the grand park, covering an area of 50 hectares. The big fish pond keeps a few thousands of red carps. Bending over the rails of the bridge and watching the red carps noisily scrambling for food thrown to them is a delicious experience. The bank of the pond is planted with a rich variety of trees and flower, the reflection of which in the water is fantastic.

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