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Bai Juyi

The charm and gracefulness of Hangzhou in scenery, culture and humanity draws lots of celebrities to be here and also brings plenty of love affairs and noteworthy acts.

Bai Juyi(772-846) the noted realistic poet in Tang Dynasty. His poems disclosed and satirized the guilt of vested interest to the masses; he was not satisfied with the dignitary, and then he was elbowed out from the superstratum society and demoted as an official far from capital. In 822, he was the governor of Hangzhou, at that time the farmlands often suffered from the drought, but the local official were unwilling to irrigating the land by virtue of West Lake, he tried to persuade them into carrying out this schedule via the people's efforts and building the bank and floodgate, as a result it added the capacity of West Lake and solved the problem of lack of water for irrigation, besides he also dug 6 wells in order to better the civilians' life. In 824, Bai Juyi left Hangzhou, the masses saw off him spontaneously, and today there is a Bai Causeway the later generation named for commemorating him.

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