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Slow down and relax in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, a historic Chinese city, in Zhejiang province, hopes to attract visitors during the busy Shanghai Expo.

Foreign visitors take a photo beside lotus in West Lake.

Visitors will flock to Shanghai for the Expo in May and Hangzhou, 200 km or 1.5 hours by car from Shanghai, is an ideal choice for an out of town visit.

The prosperity of Hangzhou can be dated back to as early as the Song Dynasty (1127-1279), when it was a capital city.

The city has been mentioned in famous Chinese poems. One of the most well-known is by Su Shi, who wrote: "Up above there is heaven, down below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou", implying that the city is heaven on earth.

Nowadays, due to its historic sites, economic development, and comfortable surroundings, Hangzhou has received awards for the quality of life enjoyed in the city.

Guests to the city can walk around the West Lake, taste local snacks, and relax in teahouses. But what makes it an attractive place for many people is the slow pace of life.

Hangzhou has topped a list of the 10 happiest cities in China for six years.


Hangzhou is one the eight old Chinese capital cities. Popular historic tales include the love story between a white snake and a human intellectual, Xu Xian, and the so-called oriental Romeo and Juliet, where the lovers Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai became butterflies after they died for love.

Hangzhou is famous for its silk, which has been produced there for millennia. It is also the birthplace of Longjing Tea, the most distinguished tea in China.

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