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Bright-colored murals found in Hunan tomb

2014-10-17 11:14:12



Figurepaintings were found on the wall of an ancient tomb unearthed in Qunyi village, Wanbao town, Loudi city, Hunan province, Oct 14, 2014. [Photo by Guo Guoquan/Asianewsphoto]

The tomb unearthed was around 4 meters long, 4 meters high and 1.5 meters wide. It was constructed with lime and had a large slate as its door.

Surprisingly, the wall inside the tomb was painted with colorful murals featuring carriages and figure paintings. Local archaeologists say it's the first time in Loudi that colorful murals were found in an ancient tomb.

According to Liu Guoping, a descendent of the tomb owner, the family tree shows that the tomb owner is Liu Shiyu, who died in 1568, the second year of the Longqing reign during the Ming Dynasty. He once donated 3,000 taels of silver during a natural disaster. The profession of the tomb owner is still under investigation.

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