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· Learn Chinese: – Lesson 158 闹心 be agitated
· Learn Chinese: – Lesson 157 拿下 solve
· Learn Chinese: – Lesson 156 没劲 boring
· Learn Chinese: – Lesson 155 没好气 unkind
· Learn Chinese:– Lesson 154 木
· Learn Chinese – Lesson 153 吹 Talk big
· Learn Chinese:– Lesson 152 抬杠 Tái Gàng
· Learn Chinese: popular words – Lesson 151 蔬(shū) 菜(cài)
· Learn Chinese: popular words – Lesson 150 肉(ròu)
· Learn Chinese: popular words – Lesson 149 吃(chī)
· Learn Chinese: popular words – Lesson 148 水(shuí) 果(ɡuǒ)
· Learn Chinese: popular words – Lesson 147 颜色 (Yán Sè)
· Learn Chinese: Lesson 145 投降 (tóu xiáng surrender)
· Learn Chinese: Lesson 146 认输 (rènshū)
· Learn Chinese: Lesson 144 五岳(wǔ yuè )
· Learn Chinese: Lesson 143 自动售货机(zì dòng shòu huò jī)
· Learn Chinese: 142 买花 (mǎi huā)
· Learn Chinese: 141 买东西 (mǎi dōng xī)
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Vessels of culture


Tempting Yunnan cuisine


Zigui, home of great poet Qu Yuan


Souvenir stamps issued to mark 15th founding anniversary of Macao SAR


Colorful castles of stone in Pingtan


Old fashioned tea house seen in Anhui


Beautiful snow-covered Great Wall


Ancient poetry depicted by painters




Editor's Pick


Tempting Yunnan cuisine

Ancient poetry depicted by painters

China's UNESCO Creative Cities

Qinghai Handmade Tibetan Carpet on display in Beijing



  · Breathtaking!  

·Chinese avant-garde artist hold solo exhibition in NYC

·Yuanmingyuan beast heads on show in Shandong

·Ningbo teacher uses Chinese art to reach foreign students



  · People learn Flower Drum Dance in E China's Anhui  

·A small tea leaf contains a great culture

·Girl practices shadowboxing , sword dance

·Dynamic Macao a competitive tourism destination



  · Contemporary and modern Chinese painting masters' highest-price works in 2014  

·Auction with a Chinese heart

·Chinese collector buys violin with sky high price

·Yearender: highlights of horse-related arts in 2014