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Shao Xiaocheng and her Chinese embroidery book

2014-09-17 16:11:38

( By Liu Xiongfei


The paradise flycatcher represents longevity and the Chinese parasol is a spirited tree which stands good wishes. Therefore, this embroidered article symbolizes happiness and auspiciousness. In the embroidered article, a paradise flycatcher is chirping on the tree-branch while a humming bee rests on a leaf in the right lower corner, presenting a scene of dynamism and quietness. The silk color of this embroidered article is exquisite since strands were divided for application. For example, white colors of five different grades were used in embroidering the paradise flycatcher. As a result, needlework free from restraint can be displayed via the technique of painting, making the embroidery look elegant, tender, and soft. It was selected to take part in the Exhibition of Arts and Crafts, which celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PRC by the National Art Museum of China in 2009, the Exhibition of Contemporary High-Quality Embroidery Art of the Chinese Museum of Women and Children in 2011, and the Biennial of Arts and Crafts of National Museum of China in 2012.

Tara stands for eliminating disasters, increasing happiness, prolonging life, and developing wisdom. This embroidered article was produced through over ten kinds of needlework in five and half months by taking archaistic real silk as high-grade fabrics. Tara sitting at the center is made serene, dignified, pretty, merciful, and auspicious through embroidery, revealing the solemnity and seriousness of religion as well as the grand beauty of Buddhist painting. It is extremely difficult to embroider through imitating the painting of religious themes. Only by possessing high techniques of embroidery and understanding Buddhism can embroiderers endow embroidered articles with profound connotation.

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