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Must-see attractions at the Saihanba National Forest Park

2014-07-10 13:59:57

( By Li Zijie


Photo taken on July 5 shows the Moon Lake at Yudaokou Grassland and Forest scenic spot at Saihanba Forest Park in Heibei Weichang Manzu Mongolia Autonomous County, July 5, 2014. [Photo/ Yang Qi]

Saihanba National Forest Park is located north of Heibei Weichang Manzu Mongolia Autonomous County. Some 460 kilometers northeast of China's capital Beijing, this meadow was a favorite hunting ground for the imperial family of the Qing Dynasty. It's now the largest national forest park in northern China. Saihanba, means “beautiful high range,” and the town is an important part of the Mulan Hunting Ground, the famous imperial hunting garden of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Saihanba scenic area consists of Saihanba National Forest Park, Yudaokou Grassland and Forest, and Hongsongwa National Natural Reserve. Sanhanba scenic area is situated between 1,100 to 1,940 meters above sea level. Thanks to the monsoon climate of medium latitudes, it is cool during the summer, with temperatures no higher than 25 ℃.Home to a diversity of animals and plants, it is praised as “source of rivers, hometown of cloud, world of flowers, sea of trees, and heaven of rare animals.” It belongs to State-level tourism resources, featuring a beautiful natural environment, imperial style and folk customs. Saihanba National Forest Park is honored as “Green Pearl of China” and “Emerald of North China”.

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Must-see attractions at the Saihanba National Forest Park


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