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10 Beijing streets worth visiting

2014-07-09 14:24:09

( By Li Zijie


Maliandao Tea Street


Address: south to Xi’anmen Outer street, Xicheng District

Not far south from Beijing West Railway Station is Maliandao, also known as “the premier tea street in Beijing.” This 1,500-meter-long street is home to over 100 tea shops and five tea trade centers, with quality tea from all around the country. The tea business here creates an annual sales volume of one billion yuan, accounting for 1/10 of the national consumption.

There was once only one tea processing factory in Maliandao. In recent years, however, businessmen from tea producing areas have started their operation here, making Maliandao a famous “tea street.” Although tea business has just begun, it has developed into quite a large scale. Maliandao now is biggest tea market not only in Beijing, but also among North China.

Means of transportation: Bus 46/414/609, get off at Maliandaoxili Station

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