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10 Beijing streets worth visiting

2014-07-09 14:24:09

( By Li Zijie


Shichahai Bar Street


Address: Xicheng District

Lively city center, wine, ancient courtyard, fashionable life… You can experience everything you want in Shichahai Bar Street. People come here not only to enjoy drinking, but also to refresh themselves from their busy lives. Many bars are especially decorated to attract customers.

But the most attractive thing about Shichahai Bar Street is on Yinding Bridge, where you will be intoxicated with melodious erhu (a traditional Chinese musical instrument) music, beautiful lanterns and charming girls on the boats nearby.

Means of transportation: Bus 210/5, get off at Zhuzhongchang Station; Bus 55, get off at Deshangmennei Station; Bus 635, get off at Deneiganshuiqiao Station

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