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Understanding China's Youth Day

2014-05-05 10:50:22



"I hope young people can persist in innovation, because what we face is a changing world and we pursue careers that nobody has before. The youth, with the most passion and biggest potential in innovation, should have the courage to stand at the forefront and surpass the past."

- Hu Jintao, former president, said as he gave a speech in 2012, the 90th anniversary of the Communist Youth League.

"Our traffic developments couldn't keep up with people's demand. We should put public transportation on the first place and provide policy support for workers in this field."

- Wen Jiabao, former premier, replied to a young bus driver during a discussion held in Zhongnanhai, central government complex in 2011.

"I hope the university can boost teaching quality, increase studies and educate more students to make contributions to developing modern agricultures in our country."

- Hu Jintao, former president, said in a letter for teachers and students of China Agricultural University in 2010.

"Modern agriculture needs advanced technology to support, so I hope you can target the frontiers of agricultural sciences and break through core technology, aiming to fast develop our agricultures."

- Hu Jintao, former president, said as he visited China Agricultural University in 2009.

"I visited Yale University when I went to the United States two years ago, so I felt excited when I saw students educated under a project between the US university and Peking University. I hope you can make progresses together and become talents who know different cultures and have international horizon."

- Hu Jintao, former president, replied to a foreign student as he visited in Peking University.

"Young people should read more books, especially extracurricular ones, and get more knowledge. And I hope you can go on walking, even if you meet difficulties, not giving up halfway."

- Wen Jiabao, former premier, told students as he visited Renmin University of China in 2007.

"Teachers should learn from students, understanding and making friends with the young people who are curious about knowledge and have courage to explore."

- Wen Jiabao, the then premier, said during a visit Beijing Normal University in 2006.

"I'm glad to see you did great efforts to improve hometowns, making villages there develop fast and become rich. I'm proud of you, hoping you can go on contributing to national unity and harmony with your wisdom and strength."

- Hu Jintao, the then president, said in a letter for youngsters in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region in 2005.

"Challenges make a nation much stronger. The fight against SARS was the challenge both for our country and young people, making us more united."

- Wen Jiabao, the then premier, said during a visit in Tsinghua University in 2003, when China was challenged by the SARS disease which killed many people.

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