China Cultural Center in Israel displays charm of China's Nanjing via online photo exhibition

Updated: 2020-06-19 15:47

Qinhuai Lantern Festival is a highlight of Nanjing's cultural landscape.[Photo/Xinhua]

The China Cultural Center in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv launched on Wednesday an online exhibition that displays the fascination of Nanjing, capital city of East China's Jiangsu province.

Under the collaboration between the cultural center and the Nanjing Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, the photo exhibition, titled "Beautiful Ancient Capital, Amazing Nanjing," presents a total of 55 photos, showing both ancient and modern Nanjing.

The photos thoroughly depict the history, heritage and culture of Nanjing with the spectacular natural landscape and modern society, Tao Chen, director of the China Cultural Center, told Xinhua in an interview.

With more than 2,500 years of history as a city and over 500 years as a capital, Nanjing features remarkably rich cultural heritage, said Tao.

Nanjing is also famed for its intangible cultural heritage such as the Nanjing cloud brocade, Qinhuai lanterns, local art of gold leaf making, Nanjing scripture engraving and paper-cutting.

Tao said thousands of years of cultural development has laid a solid foundation for science and technology in Nanjing, and now the city is home to national well-known universities as well as diverse types of cultural sites and museums.

Israel is well known as a start-up nation and various innovation-led companies are being operated in Tel Aviv, an economic and cultural center of the country.

Through the exhibition, the Israelis can increase their understanding about Nanjing and identify the common characteristics of the two cities, Tao said.