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Singapore launches integrated publications for dyslexic children

WACCCE 2022-06-17

Children with dyslexia need special help in learning how to read, and Chinese learning materials are scarce in Singapore, according to Singaporean Zaobao. As a result, a nurturing center has launched a Chinese interactive book that combines comics and audio recordings, to help dyslexic children learn Chinese.

The 127-page Chinese-language book includes cartoons, stories, activity pages and interactive content such as audio recordings. It is also the first reading book for students with Chinese dyslexia in Singapore.

About four to ten percent mainstream-school students in Singapore have dyslexia. Compared with English dyslexia, Chinese dyslexia is still poorly studied and understood in Singapore.

The center set a Chinese character theme amusement park, aimed at local kindergarten and primary school students to help build a solid foundation in Chinese in terms of literacy skills and speaking. The comic stories in the interactive book reinforce students' learning and reading comprehension by reusing the basic sentence structures and characters taught.

Students with specific learning difficulties can benefit from a systematic and multi-sensory approach to learning, so accompanying recordings are provided for each comic story.

Students with learning disabilities have differences in executive brain functions such as memorizing, so the activity pages in the interactive book contain activities related to memorizing, visual scanning or literacy. There are six main themes, including body, family, nature, animals, objects and food. Students can learn 48 basic Chinese characters, which are also taught in textbooks for the lower grades of local primary schools.

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