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Cambodian govt launches campaign to vaccinate 2 million teenagers

WACCCE 2021-09-13

More than 9.34 million Cambodians had been vaccinated as of August, 18, 2021, with about 7.58 million having completing two doses. The number of vaccinated people accounts for 57.95 percent of the total population, and the vaccination rate is second only to Singapore in ASEAN. In addition, Cambodia is one of the few countries in the world to initiate "third dose" shots and vaccinate those aged under 18.

Cambodia, with a population of about 16 million, has set an initial target of 10 million people to be vaccinated in order to establish the defense of immunization. According to the figures, hospitals, schools, military, factories and other places have been promoted in an orderly manner, and the speed of inoculation has constantly increased. Targets for completion by the end of this year or in the first quarter of next year now look well ahead of schedule.

The Cambodian government launched a campaign to vaccinate two million young people between the ages of 12 and 17 on August 1. As of August 17, more than 630,000 teenagers had been vaccinated. At the same time, the Cambodian government is also studying whether to further extend vaccination coverage to children up to the age of 12.

In addition to clear planning and efficient implementation, adequate vaccine supply is also a key factor in Cambodia's good vaccination performance. On August 12, three million doses of CoronaVac vaccines commercially collected by Cambodia arrived in Phnom Penh. Up to now, China has provided 21.7 million doses of vaccine to Cambodia, including 3.2 million donated doses and 18.5 million commercially purchased doses, accounting for 88.6 percent of the total vaccine received by Cambodia. More Chinese vaccines will arrive in Cambodia in the future. Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen has said on many occasions that China's support is never an empty talk, and that China is a strategic source for Cambodia's COVID-19 vaccine supply.

As vaccination rates continued to rise, Cambodia's epidemic remains stable and low, despite rising cases of the Delta variant.

Some manufacturing orders have been sent to Cambodia due to the shortage of factories in neighboring countries such as Vietnam and Thailand, and due to the relatively severe epidemic and low vaccination rates. According to Hun Sen, when the number of vaccinations reaches 13 million, the government will gradually resume opening schools, tourism and other sectors. It is believed that with the completion of the vaccination program, Cambodia will hopefully take the lead in starting an economic recovery.


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