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Neolithic China (5000 BC - 2000 BC)

Updated: 2013-01-09 11:05

The term Neolithic (新石器时代) is applied in China to the last period of a long prehistory. It began in 5000 B.C. and lasted about 3000 years. It is defined by a large number of settled agricultural communities who were skilled in hunting and gathering as well. The largest concentration of agriculture stood below the southern bend of the Yellow River and the main crop was millet. There was much difference between Neolithic era and nowadays in geography. In Neolithic era, most of areas were covered with lakes and marshes and the climate was warm and moist. The mountains were well forested and there was a variety of animals.

Before this time period began, Silk production, for which China is famous, had already been invented. Pottery was also present at the same time, which has two main types, Painted Pottery and Black Pottery. The dwellings of this time were in clusters that suggest kinship was important. Clothing was made of hemp and the main domesticated animals were pigs and dogs.

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