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2013-01-15 17:02

This bilingual book explains the Five Ws of planning to Chinese officials.

“In a Previous Life, I Was Chinese”

2013-01-09 11:22

AMERICAN psychologist Julian R. Taplin first moved to China in 1998 at the age of 61. Having been diagnosed with chronic leukemia two years earlier, he was ready to live every day to the full.

Spring Colors in Wintertime

2012-12-10 13:36

As northern China withers under freezing temperatures in the winter months, the country’s southern provinces, which enjoy a milder climate, retain many of the colors normally associated with the warmer seasons.

Cross-strait Institutes Publish Book

2011-08-12 13:36

Two institutes on the research of Chinese language study across the Taiwan Strait announced Aug.

Buying into Romance of Chinese Literature

2011-04-12 13:21

Chi Li is one of the country's best-known writers in the West and is about to publish a new book that focuses on Chinese men, a major theme of her writing.

New 'Ancient Town' Rises Along the Grand Canal

2012-12-14 16:19

As China prepares its UNESCO world heritage bid for the Grand Canal of China, some canal cities are sprucing up their old waterways, purifying the water, landscaping the banks and recreating "ancient towns."

Snap It Up

2012-12-14 11:06

Operatic dream blossoms

Tan Dun's love of traditional Chinese culture, especially gardens and Kunqu Opera, has been constant.

Six foods to beautify your skin

There are two benefits of Salmon: keep your skin moist, and avoid direct sunlight.

Glimpse at compound culture in Shanxi

The unrivaled compound culture in Shanxi Province has been known throughout the world.

The price of love

Why not rent a boyfriend, or girlfriend to please parents during the Spring Festival?